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Jonathan, aka "JJ" specializes in providing real estate services for buyers and sellers on the Emerald Coast.  Jonathan is client-focused and result-driven. He takes pride in being all-in, 100% dedicated to providing the highest level of personal care for both buyers and sellers on the Emerald Coast. He offers full service, which means he's always available, responsive, helps and educates with every step of the process in all real estate transactions.  

For buyers, he has carefully prepared a comprehensive series of emails full of valuable information for the buying process, detailing everything from homeownership options, financing your home purchase, the house searching process, contracts to closing. As well as a Buyer's Guide, outlining everything you need to know with the process and other tips and information.  

For sellers, Jonathan prepared a Sellers Guide, covering topics from preparing your house for listing, photography preparation, the selling process, and moving tips. Jonathan is straight forward and fair, he will tell you what you need to hear, not always what you want to hear, because he is committed to providing you with the highest level of professionalism.  Exceptional customer service is his goal, ensuring you feel confident with your decision to hire him. Your satisfaction results in referrals and that is the highest compliment he could receive. 

If you or someone you know is interested in purchasing or selling, or have any questions, Call anytime 850.830.9894.  


Jonathan grew up in Buffalo, New York and lived just down the street from Rich Stadium, home of the famous Buffalo Bills and remains a loyal fan to this day.  Jonathan grew up in a large family, headed by his father, a Vietnam War Veteran, and retiree from Ford Motor Corp., his mother dedicated her life to raising foster children for over 30 years and his parents adopted eight children.  

When Jonathan was 21 years old, he left home to follow in his father's footsteps and joined the US Army. Having served for 12 years, he has PCS'd all over the world, stationed in various locations, some of those include Korea, Germany, Kentucky, North Carolina, Florida and has been deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan. He was part of the Army's Brac Move when 7th SFG relocated from Ft. Bragg North Carolina (Aka Fayettenam/ or for the Air force, No Hope Pope), to one of the best most beautiful locations, the Emerald Coast of Florida. 

Having decided he wanted to pursue other business interests in real estate, he transitioned out of the Military in February 2016. Jonathan is frequently asked what made him decide to leave the military and get into Real Estate and they laugh in disbelief when he tells him how it all began. As he was sitting in a hotel room, PCSing back to good ole' Ft Bragg, he was watching the show, Million Dollar Listing, New York,  and was hooked watching a marathon of the show. Each episode intrigued him and he thought, "I want to do that." The agents on the show gave a well-prepared presentation to the buyer or seller... (In the military, they called that a dog and pony show meaning just be prepared to know what you're talking about when called upon). That's when he decided, "I can do that and I'm going to do that." He finished his last two years from that night, and with only 8 more years left until his retirement from the military, he decided he was going to become a million-dollar listing agent and discharged from the Army.  On the official first day as a civilian, Jonathan took his Florida real estate exam and earned his new title Realtor

Jonathan's Accomplishments

Jonathan has successfully sold every listing he's had and in record time. Several were sold within 24 hours from listing others within 48 hours, and 10% within 30 days from listing. The homes sold have been at asking price or higher. He has sold properties that others have failed to sell because he gives 110% and markets. He has never shot real estate photos with his cell phone and put them on the MLS waiting for the house to sell. Jonathan isn't a photographer, he is a Realtor, so he hires professional photographers, and drone pilot to do a video for each listing. Marketing doesn't end there, he is 100% dedicated and it shows in his accomplishments.

Jonathan's most proud professional accomplishment is he currently has an Island for sale. Previous Realtors have been unsuccessful in selling this Island and he has been able to secure this listing out of 3,600 Realtors. The owner told him, "other Realtors could have listed the Island but I believe you're going to sell my Island as so many others have failed." This is important to him because when the island sells, he would have reached his goal in under 3 years, to become a million-dollar listing agent. It is also important on a personal level because when he began his new career, his parents were both alive, and would tell him that he could do anything he put my mind to and unfortunately, both of his parents have passed away recently, and he says, "I'm determined to make them proud."

Jonathan resides in Valparaiso FL with his dog, Rock. When he's not working and takes time off, he still watches Million Dollar Listing NY and added Million Dollar Listing, LA and other real estate shows. he truly loves his career. 

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